Haas convenient products for on-the-go consumption

In today's fast-moving world, demand for convenience is increasing. In the food industry, this means that products must be handy, easy to carry, suitable for on-the-go consumption. Favorite choices around the globe include snacks such as small cakes - muffins, cake pops, or wafers, for example.


Haas offers lines for the production of many convenience products. Whether customers wish to manufacture hollow wafers filled with aerated cream, sandwich products, sponge cake products, waffles filled with honey or succulent center-filled cakes, Haas offers new combinations for delicious results.

The Haas machine portfolio includes mixers, ovens, cream spreading machines, rotary cutting, dough shaping lines and much more. For the production of Center-filled Cakes, for example, Haas equipment enables three-dimensional shape possibilities and up to 30% filling levels, opening up a wide range of new product concepts.


Markets and preferences

"In China convenience products are referred to as ready-to-consume products. This includes biscuits, packed cakes and packed bread for example, or easy-to-prepare food such as instant noodles, rice cake and sushi from the convenience store," explained Haas Food Machinery China's Marketing Manager, Yvonne Yao. "We have muffin products in China which are diversified with fillings or toppings. The fillings - red bean paste, raisins, etc. - have been chosen to meet Chinese tastes and ingredients".  If we consider further category groups of convenience products in China, a number of products are established or gaining in popularity at the moment. The trend and claim behind the products is 'healthy'.


"What is convenience, actually?" pondered Marcia Corasolla, Commercial - Head of Product Development/Application Management, Haas do Brasil. "Depending on what you need, if it's easy to get, I guess that is convenience. No matter what kind of technology, convenience is the thing that is ready for your needs. So we can actually say that all products that we at Haas make are convenient.”


Amaury de Ricqlès, Product Manager, Haas-Meincke Denmark, said: "Cupcakes are certainly a growing market worldwide. Haas provides an integrated solution, from batter preparation to the ready-for-packaging stage. Moreover, we have a formal cooperation with an emulsifier and ingredient producer. Thanks to a worldwide footprint, this partner has a strong knowledge in making and optimizing recipes. This provides us with a unique position to meet demand by newcomers in this business or offer solutions to customers who want to enlarge their portfolio - let's say from wafers to biscuits to cakes," Amaury de Ricqlès stressed.


According to Director of Sales & Marketing, Franz Haas Machinery of America, Rick Parrish, a considerable number of very successful convenience products are available in North America. Most are center filled with cream. Some are also enrobed and the products that are not filled or enrobed are often top coated with an icing, coconut flakes or powdered sugar coating. "Haas-Meincke can make and bake many of the cake-type products. The CFT business units CFC machine has an all-in-one design and can make a 3D shaped cake product. The machine has its own cake batter depositor, filling depositor, baking oven and removal system.”


"I have a sponge cake product on my desk right now, manufactured in Egypt. One of the largest bakers of breads and cakes in the United States manufactures sponge cakes and other products with Haas lines. New is that they are now coated with an icing," offered Haas-Mondomix Technology and Application Manager, Stephan Wimmer.


According to Franz Haas CFT Application Manager, Hermine Posautz, Haas technology is ideal for the manufacture of convenience products, because they are used for the industrial production of soft waffles as well as special products - butter waffles, galettes, vanilla waffles and many others. "There's a wide variety and sales channels vary, too - for example, retailers offer individually wrapped waffle 'to go' snacks, with or without chocolate."


Waffles are popular for breakfast, they're available fresh, refrigerated or frozen, can be served for dessert, with fruit bits, combined with toppings such as whipped cream, berries, syrup. From plain waffles which can be eaten with sugar, topped or filled, up to RTE (ready-to-eat) prepared products, the possibilities hold enormous opportunity for product innovation.

HAAS of America
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