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Bühler welcomes Haas to B-World

by Bernd Kuntze, 22.10.18

To move our teams closer together, our IT organizations have connected multiple systems between Haas and Bühler. Consequently, it is now possible for Haas employees to access B-World, Bühler’s internal communication platform. Please see the news at B-World here: <a href=""target="_blank">Haas on B-World</a>. Enter your email address and password to access the website. Use this link to access the B-World welcome page: <a href=""target="_blank">B-World welcome page</a> . You can also find this link on our Haas Intranet under “Information”.

Rewarding service leads

by Andrea Wimmer, 11.10.18

In the process of investing in a new line, the expected service package plays an important role. That's why optimal collaboration between sales and services is the key to sustainable success. "Perfect cooperation between sales and service is a matter of course, but why not value excellent performance with a little incentive in order to exploit the full potential... ", thought Michael Baumann, Head of Global Services at Haas. For that reason and to further generate service leads Mr. Baumann initiated the “IBA Care Lead Challenge”. After every exhibition day at the iba 2018 the "Care Lead of the Day" was evaluated with the possibility of winning a top prize after the show. Now we’ve determined the winner by lot (1 lead = 1 lot): Congratulations, Michel van Zitteren!

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The bakery powerhouse at iba

by Kathrin Wallner, 24.09.18

From a presentation of sweets and snacks produced on our machines to a demonstration of our innovation skills and a selection of machines to be viewed: At the iba, we successfully showed that we are a unique center of expertise covering integrated systems for the bakery industry. "Customers can turn their product ideas into reality with a trusted contact on the basis of our production solutions," said Haas CEO Germar Wacker. One of the solutions presented at the show was the ContiMix™, a continuous twin-screw extruder for puff pastry and other laminated doughs. It combines mixing and kneading, reducing the process duration by up to 50 %. Additionally, our EWB-R produced wafer sticks and wafer pillows right on the show floor, impressing visitors and providing them with a delicious snack – the ideal way of showing off our machines! We’re already looking forward to our next trade show to talk to even more customers about what we can do for them.

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New SPIDER release for customers

by Christian Einfalt, 06.09.18

With brand new features and better usability the new SPIDER release 3.02 is now ready for roll out. The additional functionality enables us to support the needs of our customers to a new higher level. Aside from a lot of small improvements of the already known product features, the top new tools are a User Rights Management and a comprehensive Data Export Manager. The User Rights Management increases the security of SPIDER. It enables the customer’s administrator to grant each user access to only the functions and the information needed for their daily work. The Export Manager allows the user to export selected data from SPIDER to evaluate it in an external program (e.g. Excel). This feature will help our customers to integrate SPIDER into their processes and IT systems. Check out the next level of Digitalization at Haas. For current downloads visit:

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Prevent food safety incidents

by Markus Reber, 30.08.18

The new food safety information portal, developed by Bühler, allows its users to stay up-to-date with all public food safety risks. Food safety and digitalization are at the heart of our business, and this is the first product to be exclusively available digitally – a true milestone. Matthias Gräber, Program Manager Data Analytics, sees the personalized features as a key advantage: “The tool processes and filters information on food safety incidents and risks from numerous sources such as official databases, news sites and social media. Using advanced analytics users can create a convenient overview of the food safety incidents that are most relevant to them and their markets of interest.“ Be it a salmonella outbreak in the region your customers are doing business, a food safety incident on Bühler equipment or a recall of one of your favorite products: with you’ll be the first to know. Go to now and register. It’s free!

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