Production lines for small cakes

From concept to product with machines by Haas


With today's on-the-go consumption becoming increasingly popular, small cakes such as mini‑rolls, layer cakes, muffins, cupcakes, sponge cakes and madeleine’s in many sizes and variations are amongst favorite alternatives to conventional biscuits. Haas, Austria's expert for industrial baking equipment offers production lines and designs adapted to individual customer plants and requirements.


Together, Haas-CFT, Haas-Meincke and Haas-Mondomix offer these technologies and combine them to supply clients with four different production lines: Center-Filled-Cake lines, Sponge lines (layer cakes and rolls), tray lines and caterpillar lines which offer tailored solutions to meet individual customer requirements. The modern baking industry demands effective production systems with a focus on factors such as capacity and accuracy.


A successful cake production line starts with the proper preparation and processing of light and aerated batter. This plays an important role in the end quality of the product.

Cakes are also often spread or injected with creams and jams. Haas-Mondomix is for more than 40 years a key partner in the industry for batter, cream and jam preparation and depositing systems.


Worldwide experience paired with our team of technologists and laboratory makes Haas-Mondomix not only a supplier of technical solutions, but more importantly, a partner in development of new products and improvement of existing ones.


Haas-CFT has developed a unique all-in one oven for the production of Center-Filled-Cakes. The system is capable of depositing the batter on the upper and lower plate before closing. The addition of a filling depositor system enables the freshly deposited batter to have a layer of filling on top. The baking plate pairs then close making a 3 dimensional center-filled shape. This unique system has a small footprint compared to caterpillar lines and typical capacities around 20,000 pieces per hour.


Haas-Meincke is a major international supplier in the design and supply of process plants for the production of soft cakes, cookies and crackers. The equipment Haas offers has been designed for flexibility and effectiveness of production. The range not only offers a broad variety of possible products, Haas technologists are also on hand to assist in creating exciting concepts resulting in a final product capable of mass production.


Strong partners for more efficiency

Amaury de Ricqlès, Product Manager at Haas-Meincke explained: "Haas has a unique set-up of cooperation’s with partners from all sectors beyond machine manufacturers, allowing us to provide the right competencies around the table, at the right moment, including support in recipe creation and/or optimization - worldwide. Our customers ask many questions which can include items such as getting perfect and consistent baking results, achieving the right shelf-life, creating the ideal recipe composition, finding the correct oven settings for each cake type, identifying the required raw materials, and much more.”

Haas production lines are fully automatic and each line layout is optimized to fulfill the customer requirements in terms of high capacity and wide product range. Enabling top quality cake products, features of Haas lines include easy cleaning accessibility, flexibility for a large variety of products, quick changeover times, cutting-edge programmable automation control and high accuracy. Production steps and options range from batter preparation and supply, cup dispenser, depositing systems, sprinkling and baking, and much more. Finally, Haas offers comprehensive technological support for the development of individual products and the optimization of production processes.


World class references

"The industrial cake market is as big as the biscuits market and many of our customers are makers of both categories of products," said Amaury de Ricqlès. For many years, Haas-Meincke has collected world class references as the leading supplier of tunnel ovens and turn key projects for the cake industry. "We have access to top customers thanks to existing projects, the energy efficiency of ovens and our general expertise in baking is extremely well received. Further, we have strong financing capabilities, a very established global service network, an outstanding supplier network as well as a noteworthy track record within the cake industry.”

HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.