Technical Specialist

This training is available for all types of wafer plants. Learn to do in-depth maintenance to the equipment for the major service intervals. Fine-tuning baking plate settings, locking system adjustments and hinge service will be part of the learning tasks. Understand and regulate the heating systems and temperature control. Become firm with measures to resolve errors quickly and perform troubleshooting (also with the help of Haas remote services) and know the appropriate emergency actions. Learn to deal with circuit diagrams and our PLC systems to understand failures and gain knowledge about the sensor and actuator systems in use.


Target Group: selected maintenance personnel, master craftsmen


Requirements: training “Maintenance Basics” and sufficient experience of the operation processes


Duration: 4 days for wafer stick production lines EWB, 5 days for flat / hollow wafer lines


Classroom / practical experience: both


Locations: Haas Training Center in Leobendorf, Austria


Participants: max. 6


Languages: English / German, others on request


Documentation: handout and certificate


All trainings can be tailored to your needs and wishes.

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