Technical Specialist

Familiarize yourself with measures to resolve errors quickly or to perform (with help from the Haas service) troubleshooting and appropriate emergency actions. Learn to deal with circuit diagrams and input and output of PLC error messages. Support the understanding of the functional units in heating settings and deepen technical applications such as adjusting and centering of baking plate bearings.


  • Target group: selected maintenance personnel, master craftsmen


  • Machine types: This training is always focused on one of our wafer baking ovens – SWAK-GEKKO, SWAKN, SWAKT or SWAKT-HC – and its downstream equipment. Please find the dates when we offer which focus training in our inquiry form.


  • Requirements: Trainings “Operation Basic” and “Maintenance Basic”, or profound knowledge about Haas machines


  • Time: on demand and as advanced training for technical staff


  • Duration: 4 days (SWAK-GEKKO, SWAKN), 5 days (SWAKT, SWAKT-HC)


  • Location: Haas training center Leobendorf / Austria, alternatively at your site


  • Participants: max. 6 persons


  • Languages: English, others on request


  • Educational objective: safeguarding in case of problems by your own employees and therefore ensuring the lowest downtime


  • Documentation: training certificate


  • Price: on request

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