Haas Internet Spare Parts Sales

The Haas Internet Shop is available to certain customers for whom Haas Vienna is in charge. The shop makes it possible to process the entire spare parts procurement, from enquiry to order, online via the Internet.

Communication via Internet can be used 24 hours, 7 days a week independently of office hours.

The Haas Internet Shop offers:

  • overview of all customer master data as well as the responsible contact persons at Haas for the respective customer and their contact data
  • electronic spare parts documentation allows simple identification of required parts via catalogs
  • creation and administration of order templates for frequently required parts
  • overview of all machines supplied by Haas and the master data available for the individual machines (manufacturing year, machine no.)
  • administration of individual machine master data and production lines including allocation of machines to the production lines 
  • creation of enquiries and orders with all details necessary for procurement
  • overview of the processing status of all enquiries, offers and orders
  • for each order, all delivery details per item are available
  • all documents such as enquiries, offers, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices can be displayed online and printed

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For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.