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In the food industry, stable production is an essential factor for success. Your customers expect the best product quality of your sweets and confectionery assortment, so we at Haas are putting our utmost attention into machines that produce reliably all year round. Haas is known for machines that have efficiency built in. The tailor-made monitoring system SPIDER enables sustainable optimization of processes and greater transparency in productivity. A modern and tailored design allows the vitality of the plant to be diagnosed at a glance.


We have incorporated our process know-how in development to offer a further building block in our “Recipes for Efficiency”. The SPIDER system you get with your line configuration is pre-installed. Thus, simple and quick use from day one is pos¬sible. The system can be operated autonomously, directly coupled to a line. It can also, thanks to the web-based user interface, be used on PCs or mobile devices with different operating systems. Our experts support you even when the information is passed directly onto an ERP system. If required, our application specialists also welcome the possibility of integration with non-Haas machines. SPIDER is intuitive and easy to use. With one click you switch from machine level to line level, and even to the presentation of all Haas equipment in the establishment. Modern graphics and high usability can be adapted to all user groups of food production.

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For the production of wafers, biscuits and many more.

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HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.