When thought and action go hand in hand

Recipes for efficiency.

Our claim

Regardless of how diverse our customers' tasks may be, they are all linked by a single claim: highest production efficiency.

Together with our customers, we therefore continuously develop new, individual recipes programmed for long-term success.

Our "Recipes for Efficiency" are thus based on 3 pillars

Tailor-made products and processes achieve competitive advantages.

Unusual shapes, exciting ingredients and new flavour combinations ensure your competitive edge. We offer:
  • Customized production lines with state-of-the-art, unique technology
  • Trial batch production at all Haas Tech Centers worldwide
  • Experienced project engineering to optimize plant configurations and interfaces
  • Expertise in recipes and production of hollow wafers with aerated cream, extruded cookies, hard dough biscuits, cones, sandwich products, sponge cake products, waffles, healthy snacks, layer cakes, center-filled cakes ... and much more

Superior technology saves valuable resources.

We aim to increase your long-term revenue by decreasing life cycle costs. We offer:
  • Economic solutions for resource and energy savings
  • Oven doors with several layers of insulation
  • Consistent production processes
  • Monitoring systems for output stability and production profitability
  • Highly automated, easy-to-operate machines
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interface control(HMI)

Perfect service ensures long-term production reliability.

From consultation and design to installation and commissioning, we are at your side every step of the way. We offer:
  • Continuous customer support
  • Quick supply of replacement parts
  • Technological assistance for recipe optimization
  • Upgrade kits for improved performance
  • Comprehensive training packages and technical assistance