Sugar cone production in Spain

Brisk response by Haas to urgent industry requirement


Within a period of only 12 months between the initial inquiry and the first production run, Austrian baking technology expert CFT Haas Convenience Food Equipment GmbH supplied two CAIMAN-D-300 lines to Biscuits Dupon, a renowned sugar cone manufacturer in Spain.


For five generations, Dupon has been creating high-quality cones. Quality and excellence have been Dupon trademarks ever since the very beginning. Only six months after Biscuits Dupon sent an inquiry to Austria's Franz Haas CFT, the sugar cone producer endorsed the ordered CAIMAN lines during trial runs at the Haas HQ. And a mere ten days after the lines were delivered, Dupon was already producing the first batch of sugar cones with the new equipment.


Fair and open relationship

Both Dupon, which belongs to the D'Hoore Group, and Haas are family-run businesses, contributing to the special relationship and similar mind-set.

"Parameters in production must be absolutely accurate," said Jordi Juncosa, Director of Operations at Dupon. "We have an excellent, friendly relationship with Haas and we are very satisfied with the supplied technology because all our requirements were attended to. This is not so common in the industry! As in politics sometimes, many things are promised and at the end of the day, nothing is fulfilled," he added.

Dupon was looking for a line with outstanding efficiency and performance. Low cost machines were no option because the company wanted continuous, reliable performance, 24 hours a day and five days a week. Dupon never doubted Haas technology. "Haas is quality," explained Juncosa.


Trustworthy technology

With its sophisticated technology, the efficient CAIMAN offers both, high capacity and consistent quality. Its flexibility allows the change between various recipes. Dupon has been running the lines for five months and reports that after a few weeks, the ovens were producing the required output of 18,000 cones per hour with low downtimes and little waste - exactly what Dupon expected. Easy handling of the lines is a further aspect: The equipment is absolutely user-friendly, confirms Dupon. The touch panel is logical and easy to operate; the icons require no particular skills. Cleaning intervals are favourable and cleaning is quickly performed, keeping downtimes to a minimum.


High output, high quality

A high output rate is insufficient if the quality is found lacking, said Juncosa. “The big advantage of the CAIMAN equipment is that consistent quality is warranted even at very high output rates, a typical strength of Haas technology”, so Juncosa.

Easy changeover times were also especially important for the Dupon operation. Depending on customer demand, Dupon needs to offer a variety of taste options. With Haas technology, Dupon can play with recipes because the CAIMAN lines accept different recipes with little modification or change in parameters. "It is a pleasure to be in the pole position with Haas, having the latest technology with the best efficiency," said Juncosa.


Solving problems

Haas Project Engineer, Harald Zeller was Dupon's partner in developing the project from the very beginning. He is especially proud of a tailored solution to meet the client's requirements: A feeding conveyor was extraordinarily long and twisted, leading to high friction. Harald Zeller's simple but effective answer was to install two conveyors which transfer the product from one to the other. The unusual length of the production line was a further aspect which needed attention: A passage now enables quick access between the lines.


Reliable service

Last but not least, after sales service is a must at Haas, so Project Engineer Zeller stays in touch with his client Dupon. Because of the mutual benefits, Haas is confident that the mutual partnership will be long lasting.




About Franz Haas CFT CAIMAN Technology

CAIMAN equipment is designed for the industrial production of rolled sugar cones with a sugar content of approx. 40-55 % of the flour content.

At the oven head, batter is deposited onto the lower plates of baking plate pairs, which are mounted to a baking tong chain. The upper and lower plates close and travel through the baking chamber. After one revolution, the baking plates open at the oven head and a mechanical take-off system transfers the baked wafer sheets to a rolling device where they are rolled into cones. The rolling device discharges the finished cones to a feeding conveyor that delivers the cones to the cooling zone. CAIMAN technology includes frames, baking plates, baking tong chains, batter depositing, heating, drives and controls.

Further features: The CAIMAN-D produces two products per baking plate. The tong chain links have special slide bearings for long service life. The frame is clad in stainless steel with efficient heat insulation and contributes to its low energy consumption. The modular design is easily extendable and quick to clean. An intermittently operating, exactly adjustable piston pump enables precise depositing by adjustable batter depositors that swivel with the baking plates. The CAIMAN-D is suitable for heating with all kinds of gas. The baking tong chain is driven by servo motor, directly connected to the drive shaft at the oven head. The electronic programmable control (PLC) offers automatic PI temperature control and maintains constant baking temperatures.

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