Saving energy: Ovens from Haas-Meincke

In the past sixty years we have gathered significant expertise in the design and supply of industrial tunnel ovens. Baking solutions from Haas-Meincke are tailor-made and optimized and the choices range from indirect and direct fired convection ovens, direct fired ovens and hybrid ovens, to high-temperature ovens and stone band ovens, depending on the desired product. Latest developments include attractive energy-saving features.


All Haas-Meincke ovens are pre-manufactured modules, which are insulated, assembled and tested prior to dispatch to clients. Initially, this ensures fast and easy installation of the oven at customers' production facilities, followed by individual commissioning.


Ideal solutions for biscuits to crackers

Haas-Meincke offers indirect fired convection ovens, direct fired convection ovens, direct gas fired ovens, cyclothermic ovens and hybrid ovens, thus able to develop the ideal baking solution for any product range from bread through cakes, pies and biscuits, to crackers and other snacks.

Cleaning doors in each oven section provide easy access for cleaning or maintenance. The variety of options includes stainless steel and washdown choices, oven interiors in stainless steel, high-pressure washdown preparation (inside and outside), hinged doors for easy access, automatic humidity control and heat recovery system.


Energy efficiency and safety

As there is no contact between the oven's hot baking chamber and the outer frame, no energy is wasted and no heat is transferred from the inside to the outer frame. Burners and heaters are constantly monitored by a control system to ensure that only the precisely required amount of energy is released.

Major benefits of the Haas-Meincke oven range include short baking times, fast reaction time for temperature changes, as well as low energy consumption. Depending on the available energy, ovens are available for gas, oil or electricity sources. A chosen amount of processed air from the baking chamber returns to the heat exchanger where it is reheated with the goal to maximize the efficiency while controlling the desired humidity level. Temperature sensors control burners to ensure constant and correct baking temperatures.


Cooling systems

A special option with Haas-Meincke steel band ovens is a hydro cooling system which reduces the cooling time all along the baking line and thus ensures a good release of the product from the belt.

Haas-Meincke also supplies three types of air cooling solutions. From basic ambient cooling with multi jet fans unit around the belt to cooling tunnels in two types: One takes air in from the outside and circulates it above and under the baking band. Another uses air which is refrigerated and recirculated by a cooling unit.


Haas-Meincke heat recovery unit

The Haas-Meincke heat recovery unit has been designed to meet customer demand for reduced energy consumption and less CO2 emission. In tests by a large Swedish baking industry client, results showed a reduction of up to 15%. The unit is mounted on top of the oven. It can be mounted in all zones in which more than 50% of the exhaust air is expelled. It can be installed with any new Haas oven or retrofitted to existing equipment. The stainless steel unit can be opened easily for inspection and cleaning purposes.


Humidity control

The Haas-Meincke humidity control system is a unique tool for large-scale baking operations. The benefits, which include increased residual humidity in the product, lead to time savings, reduced consumption of raw materials and less energy use.


Support, service, optimization

Ease of use and simple maintenance are only the beginning of the Haas-Meincke service. Accessories to improve the capabilities of existing equipment are offered alongside R&D assistance, on-site or off-site training programs, process optimization consultancy, oven’s extension and refurbishment of existing equipment.

HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.