Revolutionary solutions for buffering, cutting and infeeding by Franz Haas Wafer

Efficiency is a crucial factor for success and handling products is one of the most complex processes in production especially for wafer products which need very gentle handling to avoid chipped corners or otherwise damaged products. So how can efficiency and gentle handling go hand in hand?


Intelligent buffering

The cause of most inefficiencies in a production line are so called "micro-interruptions" like foil rupture or small malfunctions which mostly result in piled up wafer books, manual removal and re-inserting as well as manual stacking and unstacking. To avoid these, the new HEIP (high efficiency inline buffer) by Franz Haas Wafer handles up to 30 wafer books/min in stacking and up to 36 wafer books/min in unstacking. The system acts dynamically in the process and avoids the loss of valuable production resources by keeping them in the process and while avoiding humidity absorption or warming up. It then puts them back in the process without any damage.


High efficient cutting and infeeding

The new HESZ (high efficiency cutting and infeeding) system by Franz Haas Wafer also combines gentle handling and efficient infeeding in the adjacent process. The space saving system handles cutting and infeeding in one combined unit and comes with a remarkably high performance of cutting and handling of up to 300 end products per minute. Due to its modular construction, it can respect all individual customer needs.


As it uses no conveyor belts for product acceleration or gap forming, the HESZ system can operate on a dramatically reduced footprint compared to other conventional systems and it eliminates the above mentioned product damages. The HESZ system keeps the end products constantly under control by continuously guiding or embracing it until they are fed into the packaging machine. This allows it to perform the whole process reliably and at high speeds, even with end products containing less stable creams or operating under higher ambient temperatures. The system also allows quick and easy format change and features a full hygienic design.


We're looking forward to presenting you the HEIP and HESZ systems at our booth at interpack.

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