Local ingredients, healthy goodness

By using substitutes to wheat flour in the baking industry, manufacturers have three distinct advantages - alternative ingredients can enable gluten-free products, nutritious foods have healthy properties, and recipes can be adapted to process locally available ingredients anywhere around the world.


Millet or buckwheat, for example, is a gluten-free substitute welcomed by consumers who depend on alternatives to the wheat products they cannot digest. Products manufactured from millet or buckwheat are rich in fibers and full in flavor. Our snack concepts show that crisp bread made from these ingredients can be enhanced by adding algae or chia seeds, and eaten with spreads or cheese.

Another variety which combines maize, oat bran and fava beans is rich in beta-glucan and protein, ideal for crisp bread products suitable for active lifestyles.

Widely popular in many regions around the globe, maize, potato starch, oat flour and rice flour are the ingredients for Nacho-style crispy snacks.

Finally, chickpea or lentil flour makes light and crispy snacks such as the Papadums, which are staples in India and beyond. One of our recipes adds garlic, green pepper and cumin for a flavorful snack.


Haas technology for healthy snacks

Andreas Clemenz, Head of Application Technology at FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen explained: "We currently have five concepts for snacks based on wafer technology. One concept covers classic snacks with seasoning, such as the Nacho,” he said. It is based on a hollow wafer technology with oiling and seasoning. The advantages of this concept include the low fat content and the possible production of 3D shapes. The product is stackable, has a low density and a unique texture.


"Secondly, we have a concept for products without seasoning, such as the Scoop,” he pointed out. This product is based on hollow wafer technology. There are no further seasoning steps, but there's abundant added value because the product is low in fat, but high in protein and fiber thanks to chickpea flour. The product is also perfect for dipping, it's stackable, and other shapes are possible, too.


Thirdly, we have a crisp bread concept, with or without toppings. This is based on a flat wafer line. A unique caramelization technology is available. The product is similar to classic crisp bread, but it can be a bread substitute or a sweet, or even a sweet and savory snack. It can be produced with sugar and cinnamon, or with chili and lime, to mention only two varieties. Many other options can be imagined. The product is low-cost and low-density, shelf stable and ideal for hot climates because it has no cream. It can even be gluten-free.


"The fourth concept is for savory filled wafers in a new shape called Wavers, which is based on flat wafer technology,” Andreas Clemenz said. Other shapes can be designed, too. The advantages include no greasy fingers, long lasting flavor, established technology, and - especially - low fat because there's one-third less than in fried snacks! The product can be gluten-free and the concept is very flexible in terms of taste and ingredients. Finally, we offer a concept for savory pillows. This is based on our wafer stick oven EWB, which is the same machine used for sweet products. Only the ingredients differ. Advantages here include no leaking of the cream or greasy fingers, a convenient bite size, low sugar and fat content and an intense, long-lasting flavor.


Haas continues to meet industry demand

"Haas technology enjoys an excellent track record in the industry. For snack manufacturers, features such as baked-not-fried, repeatable exact 3D shapes, stackable products, low fat, the possibility of gluten-free varieties, a unique texture and low density are extremely attractive for players in this strongly growing category”, commented Marcia Corasolla, Head of Product Development/Application Management at Haas do Brasil.

"With our wafer technology, a unique texture can be introduced to the market," Andreas Clemenz continued. "Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives such as low fat, high protein and low density of special ingredients. The general trends are going in the direction of premiumization and individualization. These trends are perfectly addressed by the exact 3D shapes and the stackability of our products. It is not possible to do products like this with any other available technology. Currently, the fastest growing snack category is savory snacks. Much higher prices can be achieved compared to sweet snacks, especially when there is a health benefit. Therefore, I am expecting a big potential for our products," he said.


Holger Schieweck, Area Sales Manager at Haas-Meincke pointed out: "Actually, if you consider the definition of 'snack' , then I would say that all our machines are suitable for snack manufacturers. After all, they can produce various kinds of chips, cookies in all types and sizes, crackers, biscuits, salty sticks, pretzels, pizza, pitas, buns for burgers, layer cakes in small 30g packs, mini Swiss rolls, muffins and cupcakes."

"Haas-Meincke has developed special solutions. For example, gluten-free products are on the rise," Holger Schieweck continued. "Cookies and chips require some special approaches to the equipment and we can handle these. Organic food is on the rise in developed countries, with fewer additives in the dough. This may require a special approach to make the dough processable. Allergen-free is also on the rise and this again requires specific approaches which we can master. After all, we have been in this market for decades," he concluded.


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