IP work in the Haas Group

To protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of the Haas Group is the task of our IP department. This includes the protection of technical innovations by patents, the protection of the external form of products by design and the protection of our product and service brands by trademarks.


Mr. Harringer is with Haas since 2016, he has been working for 20 years in the field of intellectual property law and is a European patent attorney. He specializes in the creation, prosecution and enforcement of technical rights. Ms. Wottawa is with Haas for 7 years now, oversees the IP portfolio of the Haas Group and specializes in the protection of trademarks and designs.


Why are patents, designs and brands important to Haas?


Industrial property rights protect the owner against the production, use and marketing of the protected property / service by others. This is why industrial property rights are essential in commercial competition. We use proprietary rights to give the Haas Group an advantage in global competition and to improve our market position as well as our margins. Patents protect those features that positively differentiate our products from those of the competition. This protection is important because such features are now copied very easily and quickly. Imitators save development expenses and the cost of market preparation / introduction by copying successful products. If our technical innovation is not protected by a patent, we are exposed to competitors who may offer a copy of our unprotected product at a lower price.


Patents, designs and brands are therefore important parts of the company's assets and an important component of our company success.


The employees of the IP department are specialists at the interface between business / technology and law. With our IP department, we have a state-of-the-art IP expertise and know-how in the company and can efficiently carry out many legal processes (e.g. preparation and submission of applications), which means that our know-how is kept in the company saving time and money. The IP department does patent, design and trademark searches, assesses inventions for novelty and inventiveness and helps to minimize the risk of violations of the rights of others. Patent applications by our competitors are monitored and competition analyzes are carried out, for example before important trade fairs. The service and advice from our IP department are available to all business units and inventors. In addition, the IP department supports in all IP contractual matters like secrecy agreements, development contracts, exclusivity agreements, takeover / sale / licensing of IP rights, etc.


In all business units, first IP contact persons ("Intellectual Property Officers") are also available.


These are:

Pieter Rumping – Haas-Mondomix

Rasmus Eriksen – Haas-Meincke

Georg Kalss – FHW

Michael Baumann (interim.) – CFT  


The IP department is available for all employees and any questions you might have and looks forward to many new product ideas and inventions.

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