Incredibly efficient, unbelievably clean

The second generation of SWAKT-ECO wafer ovens from Haas


Based on the SWAKT oven, which was introduced to the market 25 years ago, we are launching the second generation of its SWAKT-ECO model. The SWAKT-Eco is an industrial baking oven for flat and hollow wafers with an innovative new heating concept which dramatically reduces gas consumption and emissions whilst further improving the wafer sheet quality.


Haas proudly announces the technical achievements of its latest development for the wafer baking industry, the unique SWAKT-ECO oven. Our R&D and Innovation departments developed the new oven over a period of five years, based on extensive technological research, customer feedback and longtime market experience.

The SWAKT-ECO oven has achieved an impressive reduction in gas consumption and emissions . It requires hardly any secondary air for burning and has a cleaner operation, too: For example, there is no baking residue on the burners thanks to their position above the baking plates.


Best results, consistent quality

In order to meet latest global standards and requirements, an entirely new heating system was developed. The fully automatic SWAKT-ECO wafer oven is available with 32 to 120 self-supporting baking plate pairs for large-scale industrial production of up to 60 wafer sheets per minute. With a cream content of 70 percent, this represents a capacity of between 200 to 1,100 kg of wafer blocks per hour. Baking plates in sizes between 290 x 460 mm up to 365 x 730 mm are available. Heat adjustment was simplified tremendously. Heat distribution is set via the oven’s touch panel – mechanical adjustments are no longer necessary. The SWAKT-ECO oven’s innovative design ensures an improved, consistent and uniform baking quality.

The premium SWAKT-ECO oven has been designed for the energy-efficient production of flat or hollow wafers in a large variety of shapes. As with all other Haas production lines, the SWAKT-ECO is configured and optimized for each individual application. If desired, recipes for customized products can be developed with the support of Haas technologists.


Profitable solutions for a cleaner future

Tests have proven that the extremely efficient SWAKT-ECO oven reduces gas consumption by up to 25 percent and NOx and CO emissions by up to 90 percent. The oven's new burners are mounted above the baking plates, preventing contamination through baking residues. Further features include optimized air circulation, stable baking temperatures, increased safety, an automatic recording system for all operating data and much more. From an even baking temperature to a uniform heat distribution in the oven, all settings done quickly and easily via the oven’s control panel. Well-established Haas customers who already use the first generation of SWAKT-ECO ovens confirm the improvements and further highlight even better baking results, less maintenance and fewer downtimes.


The latest SWAKT-Eco oven is ready to enter the market and will officially be launched on occasion of the interpack exhibition in Duesseldorf, Germany next spring.

HAAS of America
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