Ideas came to life at interpack

Haas defined new trends and finalized orders 

At interpack 2017 we networked with customers and visitors to develop concepts matching latest consumer trends and to offer solutions to the industrial baking and snack industries. Our goal: More ideas, more value, more flexibility.



"We have been responding to latest trends," said Haas-Mondomix Managing Director, Otto Vink. Processing lines for aerated products such as marshmallows were repeatedly requested and appear to retain their popularity around the globe. "Increasingly health-conscious consumers want to indulge without regret," Otto Vink explained.

According to CFT Haas Convenience Food Equipment Managing Director Michael Baumann, savory fillings for Center-filled cakes were another distinct trend at the show. Cheese, meat, potato chunks in a thin layer of dough - for example maize flour - can easily be reheated and eaten and provide convenient snacks with plenty of filling inside. “This year booth visitors also frequently requested chips - like Wafer Crackers,” said CFT’s Managing Director. But rather than opt for traditional sweet varieties, customers showed a preference for savory or lightly sweetened products, i.e. with ingredients such as green tea or hazelnut.

FHW Franz Haas Wafer's Managing Director, Peter J. Keller confirmed the trend towards healthy products with less fat and/or allergen-free claims. "We can easily respond to the trend towards smaller package sizes, too," he said. "Wafers have become snack products. We can develop new textures, shapes, flavors. The product can be stacked. We can incorporate dips. The baked products have little or no fat. And we can adapt recipes to suit locally available ingredients, producing wafers based on maize or chickpea flour, for example," said Peter J. Keller.

"I think we offered an impressive program this year," agreed Managing Director at Haas-Meincke, Ole Jensen. A number of orders are currently under negotiation and many new visitors called on the Haas experts, including countries in eastern Europe, East Asia as well as emerging markets such as Bangladesh and Myanmar. "Cookies, hard dough and soft dough lines are in demand. The overall trend worldwide? Healthy! And for allergen-free products we need versatile machines we can easily and quickly clean."



Known for tradition, expertise and craftsmanship, we supply equipment to market leaders. "Standardized equipment for quicker and simpler delivery was in demand at the show and our augmented reality demonstrations were applauded," Otto Vink pointed out.

"Saving resources is one of our top priorities," added Michael Baumann. "If we succeed in decreasing baking temperatures, we can considerably decrease energy consumption, too. In turn, if the moisture content of a product can be reduced, this influences the baking process immensely," he explained. 

"interpack was much better than in 2014," said Peter J. Keller. "We were perceived as actively leading innovation in sustainable production with really big numbers: For example, our ECO oven is guaranteed to save 25% in gas consumption. After all, environmental protection has been one of our top concerns for years," he stated. 

"We put much effort into better efficiency: Recipes are exactly defined and set to achieve consistent high quality. Our sophisticated technology reduces the number of operating staff. Heat recovery rates have been improved. We can adapt to any available energy source and can even use low quality diesel effectively," added Ole Jensen.



The Haas-Mondomix key to efficiency is to keep cost down. "We need to add value and we need to be innovative in developing further improvements," Otto Vink continued. "I think our plan for interpack 2020 will be: better products, simpler technology." This would include more digitalization, which Haas already offers with its SPIDER equipment monitoring system and easy data transfer.

"Our mission is to promise only what we can reliably fulfill, and to reliably deliver what we promise," added Michael Baumann. The final inspection for all new lines has become much more stringent.

"Haas employs some 180 technicians around the world. Full service contracts prevent downtimes. Now, thanks to our remote guidance service we can provide live, quick guidance. For example, a customer in India needed help because there was a problem in the wafer production. We checked the perimeters in the assessment protocol, found that the batter had been overstored, corrected the chilling temperature and solved the problem quickly and efficiently," said Peter J. Keller.


For Haas participation at this year's interpack was extremely rewarding. The noteworthy number of high-profile visitors, the interest in detailed and in-depth consultations, and the anticipated orders in the short term once again confirmed our leading position in this field.

HAAS of America
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