Haas of America expertise at SNAXPO

According to the organizers, SNAXPO in Houston, Texas is the world's largest, most comprehensive trade show devoted exclusively to the international snack food industry. With a range of exhibits dedicated to the producers of snack products, Haas of America was on hand to offer its expertise to the industry sector.


At SNAXPO, Haas targets snack food manufacturers of salty and savory products. "Haas had a 10 x 20 foot booth. We baked samples on our manual wafer baking machine TURTLE using a crisp bread design baking plate pattern.

We produced many different wafer types while changing the type of flour to show a large range of textures and flavors. There were also many samples on display with various flavor and texture profiles. Also, our pop-up graphics showed the 'Snack Big Bang' and the 'Salty Savory' advertisement displays," said Rick Parrish, Haas of America's Director of Sales and Marketing.


SNAXPO is an important trade show for Haas because the company offers a large portfolio of machines for snack, cracker and pretzel production. Haas has launched a campaign to promote its technology for the creation of salty and savory wafers. "This show gets us in front of new potential customers and provides an opportunity to meet up with many of our current customers,” Rick Parrish explained.

The snacks sector is of great importance to Haas, because it is the company's goal to be a market leader for the type of equipment and lines it produces.

The snacks campaign was well received by the visitors at the booth, who tasted various samples and approved the texture and flavor profiles. "We believe there is a great potential for wafers in the savory and salty snack market," Rick Parrish continued. "We received a very positive feedback and we anticipated than an order will come as a result of our participation at this event in the near future," he revealed.

Several customers voiced the desire to hold further meetings at their facilities. Overall, SNAXPO allows Haas to meet new prospective customers, bringing the industry expert closer to the snack market and its customers.

HAAS of America
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