Haas-Meincke V60 eases snack production

The Haas-Meincke V60 is ideal for the production of a wide range of healthy snacks. This technology offers the lowest extrusion pressure and features the most gentle dough handling system currently available on the market. Director of Sales & Marketing, Haas of America, Rick Parrish and Sales Director, Haas-Meincke, Michael Hansen explain why.


"The V60 with its capability of up to three different masses from semi-liquid to heavy wire-cut dough’s has been designed with servo-driven large diameter feed rollers. These feed rollers gently feed the dough to our pump house system. This pump house system has an individual pump per row and is also servo-driven. It receives the dough and feeds it to the individual nozzle. Thanks to the spacing between the feed rollers and pump house, as well as the speed possibilities of our servo driven system, we ensure the lowest possible extrusion pressure. And in addition, the extrusion, weight/shape accuracy compared to a standard filler block system will offer a very quick ROI.


No limits to choice

Biscuit and snacks manufacturers can choose from a wide variety of bases. The choice of combinations is endless because the system has been engineered for flexibility as well as economy. Haas offers up to eight different bases depending on the required products. These base variations allow the enormous variety of products which can be extruded, twin extruded, triple extruded, one-shot, wire-cut, iris cut, twisted, swirled, patterned and die stamped: The range of product possibilities is limitless. "The V60 program contains a variety of functions such as extrusion, wire-cutting and pacing, which means you have the potential to make a substantial number of different products on the same base frame. In addition we supply an endless number of varieties of nozzle plates, which means you can work with products of any shape and form, even including filled products," Sales Director, Haas-Meincke, Michael Hansen added.


Noteworthy track record

"These systems have been around for more than 25 years, with the V60 since 2011 and are quite successful worldwide," Rick Parrish continued. Many older versions, such as the V45 and V50, are still in operation today, successfully making product with excellent weight/shape accuracy and efficiency. There are so many products manufactured on these systems around the globe that they mark a long history of success and confirm our proven track record. Just to name a few in the North American market: cupcakes, nutritional bars, breakfast bars, center-filled cookies, deposited cookies with toppings, large cookies with particles (chunks), extruded and wire-cut holiday cookies with three different colors, etc. "Actually, when the V60 was launched in 2011 it was based on the previous V45 and V50 developments. There are more than 500 references worldwide," Michael Hansen pointed out.


Tools and accessories

A number of tools and accessories are available to enhance the performance of existing or new Haas machines. Haas-Meincke offers four units designed to improve product. The variations of multiple dough or base designs combined with options such as guillotine cutting, roller knife cutting, jam depositing; egg washing, decoration sprinkling and other options ensure the desired product. Many of these features are upgradable on older models. "The long history of the V60 series machine and its success has constantly introduced new challenges to us," said Rick Parrish. "To meet the ever increasing hygiene requirements and product flexibility in the industry, we have developed wash-down systems. These newer designs allow the customer to produce dough with very large particles (chunks?). The hygienic design allows for allergen cleaning and meets highest sanitary standards," he concluded.

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