Haas acquisition successfully closed

With this letter, we are combining our best wishes for the New Year with some important information: as announced in September 2017, we have now successfully closed the acquisition of the Austrian Haas Group at the start of January 2018. All antitrust authorities have given their unreserved approval of the transaction, which means that all the legal conditions for the closing have been fulfilled. With the closing of the transaction, Haas has now become a full member of the Bühler Group effective January 2018. As also announced, the Haas family has completely withdrawn from the business. The current CEO of Haas, Germar Wacker, will continue to head the business of Haas in the form of an autonomous unit within the Bühler Group.


We are convinced that this step will create new, future-oriented possibilities for all stakeholders. As a traditional customer of Haas, you are now being offered access to a global network of some 100 Bühler service stations. In addition, the powerful presence of Bühler in its various markets such as Asia will unlock new opportunities for you in major and rapidly growing markets. In the future, you will benefit from the possibility of obtaining complete solutions for the production of flour, dough, wafers, cookies, and confectionary products with chocolate from a single source. Moreover, the integration of Haas in the Bühler innovation management organization and network stands to create sustainable and efficient solutions for the future that take full advantage of the potential offered by digitalization. As a Milling customer of Bühler, we can now offer you additional options for expanding your product range. And employees, too, can seize new development opportunities through the expanded business activities of the Bühler Group. We therefore do not doubt for a moment that Haas and Bühler will mutually strengthen each other, and we believe that this provides the best possible basis for moving forward into the future together.


We are aware of the fact that our actual task has now only just begun. Throughout the past months since the signing, only very restricted preparatory activities were allowed between Haas and Bühler. Now we can start working together with all our energy. In this, we plan to take an approach that is in line with the philosophy that both Bühler and Haas share: systematic and consistent, but at the same time considerate, responsible, and with sustainability in mind. And always with a sharp focus on the added value that we can generate for our customers. In this belief, we are supported by the numerous positive responses that we have received from customers and employees to the announcement of the acquisition.


We extend our warmest thanks to you for your long-standing loyalty and your trusting collaboration. We will joyfully and enthusiastically make every effort to seize the many different opportunities on this basis that the integration of Haas in Bühler has produced for us all. We thank you for your collaboration and look forward to further developing it in the new constellation. In this sense, we wish you all the very best and much success for the New Year.


Stefan Scheiber             Germar Wacker

CEO Bühler Group         CEO Haas Group


HAAS of America
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