Get in shape - the new Free-Shape Cutter FF-AWD by Franz Haas Wafer

If you are interested in the ultimate possibility to individualize your product, you should have a close look at the Free-Shape Cutter FF-AWD presented by Franz Haas Wafer. Because flat wafers are not simply square or rectangular anymore. The demand for different forms even in flat wafers has inspired us to our free-shape cutter FF-AWD. The freely moving cutting wires allow easy cutting from simple to complex shapes. Forms can be either embedded in a square block, or as completely interleaving figures.


Due to the high speed of the wires, the FF-AWD produces clean cutting surfaces and prevents sticking of the wires or the breaking of the wafer figures. After cutting, the finished wafers are fed to either packaging or may be transferred to further processing.


At interpack Franz Haas Wafer will also present new and innovative ways of product handling. We're looking forward to see you at the live presentations of the FF-AWD or have a glimpse beforehand at our landing page video!

HAAS of America
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