Exemplary efficiency in biscuit production thanks to Haas

Established in 1958, Hup Seng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd. is one of Malaysia's leading biscuit manufacturers. Continuously upgraded technology from Haas for better production efficiency led to an increase in output as well as improved quality.


Hup Seng has successfully built markets in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and North America. Haas was instrumental in increasing the biscuit manufacturer's long-term revenue by raising the company's overall production efficiency.


Two years ago, Hup Seng bought the well established Haas-Meincke V60 depositor with a wire cutter and rotary molder, followed by an IFC oven. Haas ovens feature heat recovery systems which deliver savings of up to 15%. The company was supported by Haas-Meincke's skilled and experienced food technologists in developing the recipes for their cookie assortment, for which they were awarded with the Monde Selection International High Quality Trophy.


The International High Quality Trophy is awarded to a product that has achieved a high quality level for three consecutive years (Grand Gold Award, Gold Award). Hup Seng was awarded for its Oat Cookie, manufactured on a Haas-Meincke production line. Haas is renowned for offering sustainable production processes with high quality and little raw material wastage.


When Hup Seng's Managing Director, Dato Seri Kerk visited the Haas head office in Leobendorf, Austria, he remarked: "Our factory has been producing for more than 50 years. Thanks to the technical assistance by Haas and the help from the food technologists who came to our factory, we could complete tests and develop our special recipe. We produced three flavors, we enrolled all three products for the competition - and all three products were awarded with Gold!" Dato Seri Kerk exclaimed.


Quality thanks to Haas-Meincke

Following the Haas-Meincke line, product is transferred to the oven. When the cookies are discharged, they are perfect: uniform color, uniform thickness, said Dato Seri Kerk and he added that Haas has very efficient and precise machines. Considerable energy savings are possible thanks to economic Haas solutions.


The new V60 depositor system is based on more than 20 years' experience in the design and supply of triple depositing and extruding systems, delivered worldwide. The V60 is used for single, twin or triple depositing, wire-cutting and extruding. It handles semi-liquid batters, soft deposited dough, stiff wire-cut dough, chocolate fillings for pralines and even low-fat extruded applications. The rotary molder type GF2 is for the molding of a wide range of products such as biscuits, butter cookies, ginger nuts, and low fat biscuits where high production speeds and maximum weight accuracy are required. Upon demand, Haas also offers computer-based analysis tools. These tools evaluate data to help optimize production, thereby guaranteeing output stability and even greater profitability.

HAAS of America
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