CAIMAN-D-300 for sugar cone production

Efficient equipment makes the difference for Spanish manufacturer


Within a period of only 12 months between the initial inquiry and the first production run, Austrian baking technology expert Haas-CFT supplied two Caiman D300 lines to Biscuits Dupon Spain, a renowned sugar cone manufacturer in Spain.


For five generations, the Dupon family has been creating high-quality cones. Quality and excellence have been Dupon trademarks ever since the very beginning. Only six months after Biscuits Dupon Spain sent an inquiry to Austria's Haas-CFT, the sugar cone producer endorsed the ordered Caiman lines during trial runs at the Haas HQ and could take up production soon after.


Efficiency for increased revenue

Dupon was looking for a line with outstanding efficiency and performance. Low cost machines were no option because the company wanted continuous, reliable performance, 24 hours a day and five days a week. Dupon never doubted Haas technology. "Haas ist quality," says Dupon. For Haas, a resource-saving approach which protects the environment also generates economic benefits. By developing solutions which allow customers to save energy in all phases of production, Haas helps to increase revenue over the long term. That's what we call efficiency. Because raw materials are the biggest expense factor in production, Haas technology enables premium production at reduced waste levels to keep cost low. All machines are highly automated, simple to operate and easy to maintain. To increase customers' revenue over the long term, Haas focus on Life Cycle Costing (LCC) through cutting-edge production and design: The lifecycle cost of Haas machinery is some 20% lower than current common market standards.


Trustworthy technology

With its sophisticated technology, the efficient Caiman offers both high capacity and consistent quality. Its flexibility allows the change between various different recipes. Dupon Spain has been running the lines since February 2016. After only four weeks, the plates were producing the required output of two ovnes with 2 x 18,000 cones per hour with low downtimes and little waste - exactly what Dupon expected. Easy handling of the lines is a further aspect: The equipment is absolutely user-friendly, confirms Dupon Spain. The touch panel is logical and easy to operate; the icons require no particular skills. Cleaning intervals are favorable and cleaning is quickly performed, keeping downtimes to a minimum.


High output, high quality

A high output rate is insufficient if the quality is found lacking, says Dupon Spain. The big advantage of the Caiman equipment is that consistent quality is warranted even at very high output rates, a typical strength of Haas technology. Easy changeover times were also especially important for the Dupon operation. Depending on customer demand, Dupon needs to offer a variety of taste options. With Haas technology, Dupon Spain can play with recipes because the Caiman lines accept different recipes with little modification or change in parameters.


Solving problems

Haas Project Engineer, Harald Zeller was Dupon's partner in developing the project from the very beginning. He is especially proud of a tailored solution specifically invented to fit the client's production site: A feeding conveyor was extraordinarily long and twisted, leading to high friction. Harald Zeller's simple but effective answer was to install two conveyors which transfer the product from one to the other. The unusual length of the production line was a further aspect which needed attention: Thanks to Harald Zeller's inventiveness, a passage now enables quick access in the case of an emergency.


Reliable service

Last but not least, after sales service is a must at Haas, so Project Engineer Zeller stays in touch with his client Dupon Spain. He is confident that the company will choose Haas again for any upcoming projects.

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