A very special year – a look back on 2017

Every year seems different – but there are some, that are special. And we’re definitely looking back on one of these. 2017 brought great projects with you, our customers and partners. More than 400 projects were delivered worldwide and we want to thank you for your trust and long term partnerships.



2017 brought interpack in Düsseldorf, the leading event in the industry, giving us an excellent opportunity to show our latest developments and enjoy the time with you through many good conversations on more than 1600m² of booth space.



In 2017, innovations like the high efficiency cutting, infeeding and buffering system (HESZ and HEIP) or the ECO oven in its new release went to the market focusing on enhanced efficiency and a new attitude in sustainability. Based on proven technology, the ECO oven uses a new operating principle and a new burner type which enables production using less energy and producing fewer emissions (tests have already shown a massive reduction in NOx and CO). But contrary to conventional systems, the new ECO heating is coming from the top via a new burner system. These burners generate a higher baking room temperature and are positioned above the baking plates.


The new HESZ (high efficiency cutting and infeeding) system also combines gentle handling and efficient infeeding in the adjacent process. The space saving system handles cutting and infeeding in one combined unit and comes with a remarkably high performance of cutting and handling of up to 300 end products per minute. The cause of most inefficiencies in a production line are so called "micro-interruptions" like foil rupture or small malfunctions which mostly result in piled up wafer books, manual removal and re-inserting as well as manual stacking and unstacking. To avoid these, the HEIP (high efficiency inline buffer) handles up to 30 wafer books/min in stacking and up to 36 wafer books/min in unstacking. The system acts dynamically in the process and avoids the loss of valuable production resources by keeping them in the process while avoiding humidity absorption or warming up. It then puts them back in the process without any damage.


But also new end product developments like our different SNACKS started new trends and opened the era of new product thinking. Local ingredients gain more and more in importance from the economic and the ecological point of view. We address intensively the development of recipes for snacks, produced from those local ingredients. Another important aspect is the broad variety of products which can be produced from local ingredients. The natural attributes of most ingredients contribute also in healthier products. Local ingredients do not only offer a broad variety in new types and new flavors, they also contribute actively in economical and ecological thinking. They do not need to be imported and can therefore support cost efficient production and an affordable selling price. Aspects which pay into future orientation, that’s what we are sure of.



In 2017 our network of sales and service offices grew with the openings of South Africa, Turkey and Haas India giving you our commitment on even better and quicker reaction times in case of any problems worldwide. We know that manufacturers in the bakery and confectionary industry serve a market that demands a great deal of flexibility, ability to compete and time pressure. Worldwide our Innovation Centers and food technologists are there for you to help you with your special end product developments and we are very proud that Haas-India opened the most state-of-the-art Innovation Center in the region in 2017.


We welcomed a new CEO at the Haas Food Equipment GmbH with Mr. Germar Wacker. A new Managing Director at Haas-Meincke with Mr. Ole Jensen and a new Head of Sales as well at Haas-Meincke with Mr.Troels Stubkjaer Jensen, completing the well-known and proven team for the upcoming years.



And finally the acquisition by the Bühler Group spread like a wildfire through the industry giving us, as well as you, new opportunities for the future. A future that we are very much looking forward to together with you, your projects, your expectations and your trust.



But we have also dedicated a part of our success to those who do not have the possibilities that we all have. In line with our CSR (corporate social responsibility) philosophy we have sponsored a bakery building and scholarship project in Kotido (Uganda), giving 14 young people the opportunity to learn the profession of a baker and opening them the way to a better future. With this project, we are creating jobs along the value chain of producing bread and opportunities to generate income. In the long term, this project contributes to a positive development in Kotido and reduces dependency on external support.


All these things made 2017 very special and “every great journey starts with one small step” (Lao Tzu).

We do hope to see you all on this journey of the upcoming new year.

HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.