Two are joining forces – merging brands – merging signs

With the acquisition of Meincke, the Haas Group has come a big step closer to its strategic goal of becoming a strong player on the biscuit market. Connected with this are questions concerning the way we want to appear in future. By continuing and further developing the Meincke brand, we want to clearly point the way. For us Meincke is a valuable member of the Haas Group. Combined resources and exchange of know-how create added value, which will be seen in innovations and appropriate developments. For proving this, the Interpack 2011 will definitely be an important milestone, where we will present ourselves as a group.

After several changes of the owners, Meincke finally has arrived in a safe harbor which will also be visually expressed. As a group of companies we see our group logo as a representative of our values. Meincke will get a clearly defined place under the Haas triangle. As specialist for soft dough cookies and cake products, Meincke will also receive its own logo, its own identity, placed beside the Haas triangle. We don’t want to create a completely new identity, we want to extend an existing one.

Identities and cultures have always been playing a major role for Haas. By growing together not only visually, we are setting ourselves the task of maintaining the smooth differences of both corporate cultures and of adding value in an exciting environment. Our managing directors Frank Müntzberg and Christoph Jiraschek are particularly committed to this.