New Place – New Achievements

Our branch "Haas Food Machinery (HFM), Shanghai" started business in July 2006 as a wholly Austrian-owned food machinery producer with a manufacturing space of 2,000 sqm.

During 4 years of continuous hard work, HFM has extended its customer base, widened the scope of supply, and established its own reputation on the market so that its manufacturing capacity had to be increased.

With guidance and support from the Austrian headquarters, a new factory site was made available at 450 Zhen Ying Rd, Qingpu. The new location has 3 times more space than the previous one. Preparation work went well, and at the beginning of May, 2010 HFM started to move to the new site.

The opening ceremony at the new factory was held on Friday, 23 of July, 2010. HFM welcomed 80 guests including representatives from the Haas family, the Qingpu government and the Austrian Consulate in Shanghai as well as customers from China and South East Asia, suppliers, companies we are on friendly terms with, and our agents from South East Asia.

HFM is ready to take off from the new platform for new achievements!