High-capacity wafer book builder

Wafers are a confectionery product known all over the world. The most traditional and popular type are wafer fingers consisting of several wafer layers with one or more kinds of cream between them. Due to the demand for efficient high-output wafer ovens, we have continuously enlargened baking plate sizes and increased the number of baking plates in the ovens over the years.


Nowadays, our wafer baking ovens can deliver up to 80 or even more wafer sheets per minute in formats of up to 350 x 730 mm, depending on parameters like baking time or recipe. However, the oven is just the lead machine of a wafer production line. To make smooth large-scale production possible, it is also necessary to provide suitable downstream equipment that can cope with the high oven output.


FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen have developed a fully automatic high-capacity wafer sheet sandwiching device for building wafer books, which meets the challenges posed by the high production speeds. The new system comprises a cream spreading machine, a base sandwich former and a stacking and pressing device (book builder).


At the beginning of wafer book building, a conveyor feeds a base sandwich consisting of an uncreamed top sheet and a creamed wafer sheet from the base sandwich former to the book builder. The both horizontally and vertically movable pick-up plate of the book builder lifts the base sandwich by vacuum. Next, a creamed wafer sheet is fed to the book builder, the pick-up plate puts the base sandwich onto the wafer sheet and lifts the wafer book which has now three wafer and two cream layers. This process is repeated until a wafer book in the desired configuration is completed. Finally, the wafer book is conveyed to a wafer book cooler before it is cut into wafer fingers by a cutting machine.


The advantages of the system at one glance:

  • very high capacities due to the continuous workflow without intermediate stopping of the wafer sheets
  • no breaking of wafer sheets as their entire surface lies on the conveyor belt or is held by the vacuum plate during the whole process
  • the wafer sheets are exactly aligned to each other and height-calibrated in one step
  • easier cleaning
  • higher maintenance friendliness
HAAS of America
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