Exhibition Preview IBIE 2010

From September 26 – 29, the international baking industry exposition IBIE will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

At booth no. 10319, the Haas Group will be represented by its member companies Franz Haas of America (Richmond), Haas-Mondomix from The Netherlands and its youngest member Haas-Meincke from Denmark, which was acquired only earlier this year.

We display

  • a depositing/extruding system type V50   
  • a module of a baking oven type TURBU THREE  
  • an aerating system type VA-15  
  • a MINIMONDO aerator for lab applications


Depositing/Extruding System V50

  • modular, highly flexible and compact system for the production of encrusted, deposited, extruded and wire-cut products such as butter cookies, cup cakes, co-extruded and triple-extruded bars or encrusted cookies 
  • up to three processing modules allow simultaneous depositing, extruding and wire-cutting of up to three different masses – from semi-liquid batters to soft or stiff dough
  • fully automatic recipe control and simple product changeover at reduced downtime contribute to higher production efficiency
  • easy maintenance and cleaning: no tools required for removal or reinstalling of main components; CIP execution
  • servomotor-driven metering pumps for exact depositing and extruding
  • extremely short material flow paths within the system ensure uniform product weight and high shape accuracy
  • accessories such as wire-cutter, sprinkler, coater, engraving rollers or guillotine cutter and various types of nozzles are available for increased versatility



  • indirectly heated (gas, oil or electric) convection oven for flexible production of a wide variety of products including biscuits, cookies, cakes or pizzas
  • pre-assembled 2-m-long modules of special corrosion-resistant steel with integrated cable ducts for fast installation and start-up, and easy capacity upgrades
  • each heating zone equipped with a heat exchanger to ensure exact control of baking temperature
  • heat recovery system offers energy savings of up to 15%
  • high-temperature resistant ducting and flue system removing the combustion gasses ensure clean oven atmosphere and eliminate risk of product contamination
  • available in working widths up to 4200 mm
  • for ideal custom-tailored solutions, combination with other oven types to hybrid ovens possible


Aerating Systems VA-15 and MINIMONDO

  • for the production of light aerated masses for cakes, creams, Swiss rolls, marshmallows, chocolates, icings, yoghurt, cream cheese and other products of the baking, confectionery and dairy industries to achieve better mouthfeel, finer taste and more attractive appearance while cutting raw material costs
  • rotor-stator-type mixer of stainless steel
  • efficient and homogenous mixing results produced by meshing square pins on the rotor and the stator
  • mixing head and feeding pump directly driven by frequency-controlled motor
  • stator jacketed for tempering
  • control system maintains uniform mixing conditions and constant quality for continuous production and at capacity changes
  • MINIMONDO version used to run trials in labs or R&D centers to develop new products or recipes


The HAAS booth team is looking forward to your visit.