Booming Biscuit Business

In 2009 and 2010 we implemented a lot of successful international biscuit projects. Customers from Australia, the United States, Canada but also from East and South-East-Asian countries relied with their investment on the proven quality of Haas cracker and cake production equipment.

Recently, one of our biggest and challenging tasks was a cracker line project for an Australian customer. After a detailed investigation and in stiff competition against worldwide leading biscuit equipment manufacturers, we were chosen to deliver two jumbo lines featuring 90 m ovens with a working width of 1.6 m.

These lines are going to produce the customer’s flagship product, a typical and traditional snack cracker. The flexibility of these lines also permits the production of other products.


Besides the extra-wide working width of the hybrid ovens, the design needed to match highest safety standards and hygienic requirements. Tool-free adjustments and a sophisticated control system with recipe and humidity control functions were developed.

Another highlight of the line is the newly developed automatic dough fermentation system, arranged between the mixing system and the laminator. This system was designed to automate the production process, facilitate the workflow for the operators and, of course, to save energy costs.

If the production process is interrupted by a problem, a sensor installed at the oven infeed recognizes this gap in production. The sensor sends a signal which causes the heating system to recognize the gap in production and reduce temperature. If the temperature would stay at the same level, the products following the production gap would be burnt because normally the dough absorbs the heat from the oven. This system enormously helps to reduce baking waste and energy.