Haas-Mondomix - Mixing, aerating and more

Equipment for the processes of dosing, kneading, (pre)mixing, aerating and depositing

Market and technological leadership for aerating, depositing, forming and mixing of fat creams, chocolate and other masses – this is Haas-Mondomix. For more than 40 years, this company has been offering know-how and machinery for these processes in the baking, confectionery and dairy industries. Depending on the application, these plants include also state-of-the-art cleaning and sterilization solutions.

Blend your personal formula for success...

Your processes are multiple and refine many products. We can help you to find your individual applications and recipes. From classical to creative.
Constantly  mixed, homogeneously aerated and accurately dosed. Our equipment ensures efficient quality for all production steps. Even as aseptic HIGH END solution.
Back up your production. We will put together a customized service package for you. From technology consulting to spares.

Otto Vink

General Manager Haas-Mondomix B.V.

Aerated Products

Confectionery, dairy products and many more

Service for Aerating Systems

At commissioning and for capacity increases

Haas-Mondomix Equipment

All mixing, aerating and depositing systems at a glance

Technology of Aerated Products

Focus on product and recipe development

HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.