Franz Haas Waffel - the history

From the first wafer iron to the world market leadership

During World War II, the Viennese master locksmith Josef Haas shifted some of his machinery to Kaplice (in today’s Czech Republic) where his son Franz was entrusted with managing this site. Due to orders for the repair of wafer irons, Franz Haas became interested in machines for the production of wafers. Back to Vienna after the end of the war, he already had concepts for modern wafer production in mind.


In 1948 the time had come: the first manually operated wafer machine, the HV6, was presented. Driven by the growing success, new versions of the machine suitable for modern wafer production were introduced soon afterwards. In 1966, Franz Haas and his wife founded the company Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen. His children, too, started working in the company at that time.


In 1975, the company moved to today´s premises in Leobendorf. This was followed by the foundation of subsidiaries in several countries and by the acquisition of several companies – to read more, go to the history of the Haas Group.


In 2012, the previous business unit Wafers became an independent company within the Haas Group to be more focused on the specific demands in the field of wafer production.

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