Franz Haas Wafer - Equipment for flat and hollow wafers as well as wafer sticks

The world market leader in the field of wafers that combines tradition and quality.

More than sixty years of know-how in the field of wafer machines combined with thorough research have brought Franz Haas to the top of the world market: Today, almost every second wafer worldwide is made on a Franz Haas wafer line. Quality, tradition and advancement can be found in each of the up to 100 plants delivered per year.

Your success is our mission. Our success is your asset…

Lay the foundation for your success with us. We create innovative, to your needs adapted solutions for your products and processes. Projectable and reliable.
Stay flexible. We develop your equipment suitable to your product requirements. With maximum availability and little waste.
Rely on us. Our service starts with the purchase of your production line. Individually tailored and worldwide available. A plant life long.

Peter J. Keller / Günter Muhr

General Managers FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH

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