Kenya - Bread and education for a better future

Education is the basis to offer perspectives in life

At a school-integrated bakery in Kenya, teenagers enroll in two-year apprenticeship courses to learn the promising bakery profession. Educated and invigorated with self-esteem, they are well-prepared for their future and are able to provide for themselves and others as adults. The products the students make are distributed in local primary schools, furnishing younger children with daily, nutritious meals.


We supported this bakery until the end of 2016. Today, the bakery's high order volume has made it self-sufficient. Our commitment to this project ensured education, training and a perspective for the future to young adults, while supplying a larger community with a regular, basic bread supply.


"A lack of education results in a lack of self-confidence and a lack of courage. Those who are well-trained, educated, and who can read and write will be able to take care of themselves, to claim their rights and to live an independent life. With the financial support of the project BREAD AND EDUCATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE, we gave the children in the slums of Nairobi the chance of education and the opportunity to learn a profession." Irene Kapaun, Haas Marketing Communication & Public Relations.

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