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At Haas, social responsibility in our daily business has always been a given. To preserve tradition yet strive for improvement is the successful basis of our corporate governance. Together with our passion to perceive new opportunities for a better life, we put our commitment where it is needed. A solid future for upcoming generations is a matter close to our hearts. It is in our hands to create lasting values. We invite you to discover our particular engagement for our employees and our health and environment, as well as for social projects.



Haas attaches great importance to a sound education of the company's youngest employees. This is confirmed by the excellent apprenticeship training in technical and business administration professions as well as in our trainee program for college and university graduates which has an international focus. 

The Haas trainee program is addressed to enthusiastic college and university graduates from all over the world who have graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or business engineering and are interested in getting to know the ins and outs of an internationally successfully innovative company with emphasis on a practice-oriented perspective. As part of the 21-month, internationally-oriented program, the trainees will get acquainted with the company's entire value-creation chain, work independently on projects and quickly take on responsibilities. Throughout the entire period, they will be supported by a mentor, who will also involve the trainees into the daily business operations and provide technical as well as personal support. Selected continuing education in business and project management as well as language and personal development will help create ideal conditions for a successful career start within the Haas Group.



Healthy yet tasty nutrition is becoming more important to consumers. By developing recipes based on local ingredients, our food technologists can fulfill our customers' demands in terms of health and fitness while observing sustainability goals. 

Local ingredients do not only offer a broad range of new varieties and new flavors, they also contribute actively to economical and ecological objectives. They are readily available, thus supporting cost-efficient production and permitting affordable selling prices. Overall, it can be said that local ingredients reduce the ecological footprint and allow the manufacture of healthier products. 

We also develop specific regional recipes by considering food intolerances. For example, in Europe we process gluten-free buckwheat; in South America we rely on protein-rich quinoa for vegan recipes and lactose-free alternatives; in Asia, on high-fiber chick peas which are suitable for people with increased blood sugar; in North America, on gluten-free corn or maize; in Australia, on oats for cholesterol reduction; and in Africa, on vitamin-rich millet. Lively vegetable-based colorants made from blue, yellow or red potatoes, black rice, or red corn make artificial ingredients superfluous and contribute to healthier products.

Our development of new recipes based on nutritious local ingredients ensures that food manufacturers are able to offer their customers a great variety of healthy, enjoyable and sustainable products.



When help is necessary, our support goes without saying. Therefore, our donation towards an NGO project entitled BREAD AND EDUCATION FOR A BETTER FUTURE is an obvious choice for us.



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HAAS of America
For customers in the US and in Canada, we founded our affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. We are the leading supplier of baking ovens, processing equipment and related services. Our local sales and service team ensures your access to the reliable HAAS services.