Our premixers for liquids, fat creams, cake batters and applications in the dairy industry.


Ingredients must be thoroughly mixed before processing them towards the downstream equipment. For this purpose, we offer dedicated premixers for each application. They can either be manually or automatically fed with the bulk feeders for automatic feeding usually supplied by us. If desired, we can also incorporate our premixers into your existing production lines.

A recent development is continuous premixing by means of the patented Codos mixer. The system basically consists of two specially designed blending screws which mix the ingredients whilst force-feeding them out of the mixing chamber.

The key factor in premixing is the agitator, which is defined by the product application. Various in-house designed types are available to meet your product requirements. These are: agitators with rotating and stationary blades, with propellers, with pilot beam (yet mix) or combinations thereof, angled and top or bottom-driven agiators.


The tank height/width ratio is chosen to be optimal for the specific batch size and product requirement. The premixers can be offered single walled or jacketed for tempering. For premixing liquids with whipping agents, a special by-pass system has been developed to minimize the risk of creating undesired foam.

All our premixers are equipped with various safety features for operators and maintenance staff to ensure a safe working environment. Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) is offered as an option.


Our range of premixers includes:


Premixers for liquids

For this line of premixers high shear is required to disperse the ingredients into the liquid phase, which is commonly achieved by a propeller or a pilot beam mixer (yet mix). For products, which tend to create foam when exposed to high shear, a so-called by-pass system is used. This system brings the dry ingredients directly under the liquid level, and disperses them into the fluid with a minimum of air introduction.


Premixers for fat creams

The number of different creams is almost unlimited, but the emulsifying mixing vessel ensures that the fat, whether liquid or in blocks, is reliably mixed with the other ingredients. To shorten the premix time, a recirculation system can be offered as option. The agitation system consists of rotating and stationary blades for plastification and emulsification of the product.


Premixers for cake batters

Many years ago we became aware that the market demanded a premixer, which produces a consistent cake batter and is easy to clean. Since then, we have successfully supplied a large volume of cake premixers to the bakery market. Unsurpassed mixing capabilities, robust design and easy cleaning are the key features of this premixer.


Hygienic premixers for dairy applications

For dairy and non-dairy products such as cream and mousse, we offer our hygienic premixer series. The sanitation standard for these premixers is extremely high, and Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) is therefore supplied as a standard.

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