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Pre- weighing equipment

Weighing Equipment 

Pre- weighing equipment

Everything starts with the exact batch weighing.


Pre- weighing equipment

The majority of processes start with batch weighing. If the initial basis is not right, you will never obtain a consistent end product. Haas-Mondomix has therefore accurate feeding systems and weighing devices for repeatable results.


So-called in-flight compensation, specially designed frames, flow meters and load cells contribute to a high, and above all consistent, end product quality. Once the ingredients are metered in the weighing vessel, an agitator ensures the slurry will be mixed thoroughly. The agitator is solely defined by the product application.


Various types such as cutting and stationary blades, propeller, yet mix, or even combinations thereof are available in various drive configurations.


The pre-weighing units are typically PLC-controlled and hung in a stainless steel frame above the buffer tank.


On customer’s request we can make the information generated by the weighing system available in a specified format, thus enabling plant management to monitor the entire process.

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