Scraped surface heat exchanger 

Our heat exchanger for continuous heating or cooling of pumpable products.


The Mondotherm is a heat exchanger for continuous heating or cooling of pumpable products like viscous liquids or liquids containing particulates that cannot be handled by a plate type or tubular heat exchanger due to their consistency.


The design is based on two concentrical jacketed heat exchange surfaces mounted in vertical position. A circumferential layer of product is continuously and efficiently cooled or heated both from the jacketed outer shell and the jacketed inner cylinder so that processing time is kept short. The product enters at the bottom, rises by the pump, and leaves through the top lid. Both heat exchange surfaces are continuously scraped by foodgrade-approved scrapers that are mounted on arms which are fixed to a central shaft that is driven by the drive at the bottom.


The unit is a sanitary construction without dead corners for the product, all product contact surfaces are of stainless steel AISI 316. Cleaning can be done easily by pumping cleaning fluid through the product room and no dismantling of parts is necessary (CIP).


Thanks to its vertical design, it has a small footprint and since the product moves from bottom to the top, there is no risk of entrapped air. The unit is mounted on three stainless steel legs and can be installed anywhere in the processing line without the need for a platform or attaching it to the wall.


The Mondotherm is available in different sizes to meet different capacity ranges and in combination with a Mondomixer it offers an ideal total solution for the continuous aeration of temperature sensitive products.

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