For the semi-automatic production of batters in the wafer industry.


The module-type batter mixing plant ATM is used to provide all kinds of batter for the production of wafer products. Depending on the desired configuration and degree of automation, some or all ingredients can be fed semi-automatically from storage and premixing tanks into the mixing tank. From there the batter is supplied to a storage tank and from there to the baking oven.


Technical Data:

  • modular designed semi-automatic mixing system
  • optimal and flexible customizing possible in terms of capacity, configuration and degree of automation; upgrade possible to a fully automatic batter mixing plant type DANMIX®
  • water mixing and metering unit for cold and hot water, temperature accuracy +/- 1°C, rough and fine metering possible (in DANMIX® plants), smallest meterable volume of water 0.1 l
  • mixing tank lid easy to open, manual addition of fine ingredients possible
  • batter storage tank with stirrer and vibrating screen above the tank


Options: For the production of highly viscous batters, the mixers are available in special executions. Furthermore, there is the possibility for jacketed batter mixing and storage tanks for exact batter tempering.

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