The modular system for the production of all kinds of batter.


The batter mixing plants of the DANMIX® series (concept by DANGER) are used to make all kinds of batter for wafer production. The various configurations and degrees of automation of this modular system allow optimal adaptation to customer requirements.


Technical Data:

  • mixing tank volume 180 or 300 l, mixing time 3 – 6 min
  • mixing turbine driven by three-phase motor
  • water dosing unit and load cells for automatic dosing of ingredients
  • tanks and silos with minimum and maximum level probes for flour, dry and liquid ingredients
  • all stainless steel design
  • cleaning-in-place (CIP): cleaning of the plant possible without disassembly


Option: For the production of highly viscous batters, the mixers are available in special executions.

Possible End Products

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