Equipment Overview - Cream Spreading Machines

Our cream spreading machines are used for the fully automatic spreading of wafer sheets with fat creams by film or contact spreading. Furthermore, they also sandwich wafer sheets to wafer books and calibrate the height  of the wafer books.


Basically, the stress-free cooled wafer sheets are fed to the spreading machine in a transverse arrangement.


During film spreading, the top sheets not to be creamed are moved above the spreading head directly to the wafer book builder, sheets to be creamed pass edge at edge below the spreading head. The spreading action is initiated by photocells. Cream flows onto the spreading roller and is stripped off by a stripping knife so that a cream film is continuously laid onto the wafer sheets.


During contact spreading, the top sheet – with the spreading table lowered – is directly conveyed to the automatic book forming device without contacting the spreading roller. After the top sheet has passed, the spreading table is raised and the cream is applied by contact onto one or more wafer sheets.


The top sheet and the creamed wafer sheets are sandwiched to a wafer book and height-calibrated by a spiral-type book forming device and a pressing roller or by a vacuum book forming system.



Possibility for fully automatic spreading of wafer sheets with one or two creams.
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