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Relaxation Conveyor

Dough Band Relaxation System 

Relaxation Conveyor

High-quality dough sheets by removing stress.


Relaxation Conveyor

The relaxation conveyor receives the finished dough sheet from the outfeed of the last gauge rolling unit. Due to its different speed compared to the outfeed band of the gauging unit, it creates a ripple effect to the dough sheet to remove any stresses prior to cutting. An air blower is mounted on the conveyor to prevent any sticking prior to the cutting of the dough pieces.


Technical Data:

  • working width 1200 mm, belt width 1300 mm, conveyor length approx. 1200 mm
  • all stainless steel design, hygienic design feet without exposed threads
  • drive by geared motor
  • drive roller removable from side of the machine to allow easy belt change
  • PU-coated belt with automatic pneumatic belt tracking and tensioning
  • adjustable belt scraper with stainless steel catch tray, easily removable without hand tools

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