Indirect Heated Convection Oven

Indirect Heated Convection Oven


Our oven range for all kinds of biscuits, cakes and bread-like products.


This oven type is used for the production of biscuits, cookies and cakes, pizzas, pies and many more products.


Technical Data:

  • indirectly heated by gas, oil or electricity
  • pre-manufactured and insulated in 2-m-modules for fast and easy installation
  • floating baking chamber design prevents thermal stress on oven outer frame
  • burner flames heat up the burner chamber and the tubes in the heat exchanger
  • combustion gases removed by flue system without contacting the products
  • burners controlled by temperature sensor to ensure constant and correct baking temperature
  • humidity in each heating zone and ratio between top and bottom heat adjustable by damper system


Following accessories are available for the ovens:

  • greasing unit: for an even application of grease onto the baking band by a rotating brush
  • automatic band tracking: for the control of the position of the baking band
  • band scraper: for the cleaning of the baking band
  • cleaning brush: for the cleaning of the baking band


Furthermore, we offer special options:

  • heat recovery unit for energy savings of up to 15 % and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • humidity control system for improved control of residual humidity in the products and longer shelf life


Depending on the product, various types of oven bands are used:

  • steel band for soft products baked directly on the band
  • F4012/K-ST band for biscuits baked directly on the band
  • CB5 band for crackers baked directly on the band
  • OGB band for carrying all kinds of baking pans
  • perforated steel plates for heavy load like tin bread or cup cakes in molds
  • caterpillar band for cakes and muffins
  • stone band for pizza and bread
  • driving and tensioning stations ensure smooth running of the bands

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