Wafer Rolls

Wafer Rolls


No matter if completely wound or hollow rolls – we create the ideal product for your market.

Wafer rolls are produced on specially developed automatic baking ovens. The batter is poured at the oven head onto the lower plates of heated baking plate pairs. Then, the baking plates close and travel through the oven. After one turn, the baking plates open again at the oven head.


Rotating arms take off the products and transfer them into a special rolling device. The type of rolling device depends on the type of wafer roll:


Wound rolls (rolls with a loop)
These rolls are wound by a fork-shaped device which causes the characteristic loop in the core.


Hollow rolls
These rolls are produced with special rolling devices. The defined inner diameter makes it possible to fill the rolls “offline”, in a separate step.


Solid rolls
The wafer sheets are shaped to rolls between two conveyor belts.


After rolling, the products can be cut to the desired length in a cutting station.

Possible products:

  • wound rolls
  • hollow rolls
  • solid rolls

Process by

Process & Machinesmixing>baking>fat application>cooling

Wafer Roll Layout 1: Production line for wound rolls, baking oven CAIMAN with rolling device.

Wafer Roll Layout 2: Production line for solid rolls, baking oven CAIMAN with conveyor belts for rolling.

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