Hollow Wafer Sticks

Hollow Wafer Sticks


Wound sticks with and without filling or pillow-shaped.

Batter strips with a high sugar content (40 – 70%) are poured onto a rotating heated baking ring. After baking, stripping knives release the flexible dough bands, which are then wound around mandrels to form wafer sticks.


The sticks are cooled automatically, cut to the desired length and move via a chute or a stick elevator to a collecting belt which transfers the sticks exactly aligned to a chocolate enrober.


Additional devices such as pressing belts, pillow stick crimpers, cream filling units (also for aerated creams) or the double pouring device allow numerous value-added variations of the simple standard hollow wafer stick.

Possible products:

  • hollow wafer sticks
  • filled sticks
  • chocolate-coated sticks
  • two-colored sticks
  • pillow-shaped sticks
  • pressed sticks

Process by

Process & Machinesbatter mixing>cream mixing>baking>forming

Hollow Wafer Sticks Layout 1: Line for plain, filled hollow wafer sticks; layout shows possibilities to form pillow-shaped sticks or flattened or oval-shaped sticks, wafer stick baking oven EWB-R.

Hollow Wafer Sticks Layout 2: Line for coated, filled hollow wafer sticks, wafer stick baking oven EWB-R.

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