Lye Products

Lye Products


The biscuit product with a glossy surface and a special taste.

Lye products are snacks in various sizes and shapes, which are poured with soda lye and are characterized by a glossy surface, dark color, thin crust, white crumb and special taste. They can be produced by three processes:


Extruded products

Dough ropes are produced by the roller-type extruder STIXOMAT or the screw-type extruder SX. Then, the ropes run through a lye bath and are sprinkled with salt. A guillotine device cuts the ropes to the desired product length.


Molded products

The dough blanks produced by a molding machine run through a lye bath and are sprinkled with salt.


Dough sheeter with gauge rollers

After producing an endless dough sheet, the desired dough blanks are cut out by a single roller or double roller system. The resulting network of scrap dough is fed back to the sheeter. Next, the dough blanks run through a lye bath and are sprinkled with salt.


These products are baked on a wire mesh band in indirectly or directly heated ovens which may also be combined.

Possible products:

  • Pretzels
  • Sticks

Process by

Process & Machinesdough mixing>forming>decorating>baking>cooling

Lye Products Layout 1: Line for extruded lye products.

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