Cracker & Cocktail Crackers

Cracker & Cocktail Crackers


The snack version of the hard dough biscuit – popular around the world.

Crackers are produced on lines, which consist of a sheeter and gauge rollers. After producing an endless dough sheet, the desired dough blanks are cut out by a single roller or double roller system. The resulting network of scrap dough is fed back to the sheeter.


Additionally, a cut-sheet laminator may be employed. For the production of cream crackers, there is also a device necessary, which applies a mixture of fat and flour between the individual dough layers.


As these products require a high amount of energy, a directly heated oven with additional band pre-heating and a heavy wire mesh band or a hybrid oven consisting of a directly heated infeed zone up to half of the oven length and a multivariant oven with convection are usually adopted for baking.

Possible products:

  • Cream Crackers
  • Soda Crackers
  • Ritz Crackers
  • TUC Crackers
  • Cocktail Crackers

Process by

Process & Machinesdough mixing>gauging>cutting>decorating>baking>cooling>stacking

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