Wafer Cups

Wafer Cups


A tasty alternative to conventional tableware.

The production of wafer cups with a sugar content of about 35 – 55% of the flour content are produced on fully automatic baking ovens.


At the oven head the batter is poured onto the lower plates of heated baking plate pairs mounted to a baking tong chain. Then, the upper and lower baking plates close and travel through the oven.


After one turn, the baking plates re-open at the oven head. The baked sheets are taken off by a mechanical system and a deep-drawing tool changes the baked wafer sheets into the desired cup-shape. At the same process step the trimming of the rim is also possible.


Finally, the finished cups are cooled and moved to a transfer conveyor.

Possible products:

  • different shapes of wafer bowls and cups

Process by

Process & Machinesbatter mixing>baking>cooling

Wafer Cups Layout 1: Production line for wafer cups, baking oven CAIMAN with deep drawing tool.

Wafer Cups Layout 1
batter mixing

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