Molded Cones & Cups

Molded Cones & Cups


We mold your cone and cup designs into shapes.

Molded wafer cones or cups are produced on semi- or fully automatic baking machines.


In case of semi-automatic production, the batter is poured manually by means of a dosing device into the cavities of the closed lower mold of the baking machine. The upper mold with the cone cores is raised and lowered several times with the cone cores dipping into the batter.


Then the molds are closed, and the products are baked. After that the individual elements of the lower mold are separated from each other horizontally. The cones are released and fall into a collecting container below the baking mold.


In case of automatic production, the batter is poured after mixing by a depositor into the lower halves of open baking molds which are mounted to a link chain. The upper molds with the cone cores are lowered and moved up and down several times to let steam escape before final closing.


Then, the baking molds run through the oven. After one turn, the upper molds with the cone cores are raised, a stripping knife removes the baking residues from the lower molds. Next, the parted lower molds open, the cones or cups are pushed downward by an ejector and slide via a chute to a stacking device.


This device stacks the cones and moves them to the packaging table. In addition, it is also possible to provide a sleeving machine which puts paper or aluminum sleeves between the single wafer cones during stacking.

Possible Products:

  • cones
  • cups
  • trays
  • fantasy shapes

Process by

Process & Machinesbatter mixing>baking>sleeving

Molded Cones Layout 1: Middle- and high-capacity line for molded cones or cups, baking oven MTA.

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