Sponge Products

Sponge Products


Light and airy batter as a base for the production of Swiss rolls or layer cakes.

Mini Swiss rolls, family Swiss rolls or layer cakes in all sizes and variations are popular alternatives to conventional biscuits.


For such products the preparation and processing of light and aerated batter, that is the combination of biscuit and aeration technologies, plays an important role. Our company has both technologies and combines them ideally in one process.


After baking, the sponge cake band is moved to a so called make-up table, where it is cut longitudinally. The individual cake strips are covered with jam and cream. In case of layer cake production the cake strips are fed to an overlapping unit, in case of Swiss roll production to a rolling machine where the cake strip is shaped to a Swiss roll. A transversal cutter then divides the strips into products of the desired length.


By attaching several rolling devices, Swiss roll products with different dimensions can also be produced on one line.

Possible products:

  • Mini Swiss Rolls
  • Family Swiss Rolls
  • Layer Cakes

Process by

Process & Machinesbatter preparation and supply>baking>cooling>cream preparation>processing

Biskuitprodukte Layout 1: Linie für Swiss Rolls.

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