Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes


Small, sweet cakes made of batter similar to sponge, baked in paper cups.

Cup cakes and muffins are small, sweet cakes which are baked in paper cups. Haas-Meincke in cooperation with Haas-Mondomix offers the complete production process for these products.


Similarly to Swiss rolls, a light, airy batter is processed which requires both aeration and baking technology to be used in one line. The batter is filled into paper cups, which had previously been placed into transport trays. These trays go into the oven and the cup cakes are baked. After cooling, the products are removed from the transport trays. The trays are then cleaned and used again in the production process. It is also possible to fill the cup cakes with cream or jam after cooling.

Possible products:

  • Cup Cakes
  • Muffins

Process by

Process & Machinesbatter preparation>paper cup feeding>batter depositing>baking>filling

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