Fresh Cheese Products

Fresh Cheese Products


A trendy kind of cheese: it’s the consistency that makes the difference.

Dairy-based products require processing equipment which is manufactured to the highest hygienic standards. These standards include cleaning-in-place (CIP), sterilization-in-place (SIP) and re-infection-free design. All of these well-proven standards are of course provided within our Haas-Mondomix manufacturing program.


To achieve a light product with good texture, our aeration technology is used for a variety of cream and fresh cheese products. These products are aerated to a certain overrun to offer the customer a low fat or a good spreadable product.


We can provide product and process know-how, as well as equipment know-how to help you meeting ever changing challenges from product design to the latest trends on the market.

Possible products:

  • fresh chees
  • butter
  • spread

Process by

Process & Machinesbuffering>pumping>aerating>cleaning

Fresh Cheese Layout 1: Line for fresh cheese products.

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