Foamed sugar treats in countless shapes, colors and sizes.

Marshmallow can be produced in several ways, for example:


  • egg-white-based mallow, like Angel Kisses, Zephyr and mallow cake (tea cake)
  • gelatin-based mallow which is a soft confectionery product and can be either extruded or deposited


Extruded marshmallow can be produced in various flavors, colors and shapes. A well-known version is the cable extruded mallow.


Deposited marshmallow is formed by a manifold with an open-close-system. The deposited mallow can be classified in 3 groups:


  • deposited mallow on a band or a wafer
  • center-filled mallow with chocolate, jam or something else
  • starch-molded mallow like banana and dolphin shapes


A standard production line for egg-white-based and gelatin-based mallow comprises the following components: premixer, buffer tank, pumps, cooker, aerator, warm/cold water units and depositing equipment.


All marshmallow production lines can be supplied on a turnkey basis.

Possible products:

  • egg-white-based marshmallow products
  • gelatin-based marshmallows
  • mallows deposited on a band or a wafer
  • center-filled mallow
  • starch-molded mallow

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