Aerated Chocolate

Aerated Chocolate


The chocolate with more volume and more intense taste.

Aerated chocolate or compound chocolate is available in different varieties: with big, visible or with microscopically small bubbles of air (macro-aerated and micro-aerated chocolate). The aerated chocolate can be produced as bars or can be deposited into molds.


A standard production line comprises the following components: premixer, buffer tank, pumps, tempering machine, aerator, static mixers, warm and cold water unit, filling devices like manifolds or complete depositing systems.


All chocolate production lines can be supplied on a turnkey basis.

Possible products:

  • aerated chocolate or compound bars in various shapes

Process by

Process & Machinesbuffering>pumping>tempering>aerating>depositing

Aerated Chocolate Layout 1: Line for aerated chocolate.

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